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Lemon Myrtle in Every Cupboard: A conversation with Mark Olive

By Chloe Papas

Mark Olive has been trying to convince Australia to embrace indigenous ingredients for over three decades – perhaps we're finally reaching the tipping point. Interview by Chloe Papas.

Meet Sophia Baughan, Botanical Tattooist

By Kylie Maslen

Sophia Baughan's tattoos leap off the skin like works of art that you want to touch — and it's her personal connection to flora that explains why she's so eagerly sought out by nature lovers.

Art in Cultivation: Margaret Preston’s Joyful Australian Modernism

By Neha Kale

Margaret Preston's prints and paintings urge us to look more closely at the landscapes of our lives, writes Neha Kale.

Botanica Intoxica

By Ethan Gould

Australia's gin industry is taking off — and it's our home-grown plants we have to thank for it.